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Ros Pidgley, Senior Customer Service AdvisorTo place an order, get a price and lead time, or help with standard product selections, please contact:

Ros Pidgley, Sales Administrator


Tel +44(0) 1202 574 601

Fax +44 (0)1202 578 300

Jacqui McKie, Customer Service Advisor 

Jacqui McKie, Sales Administrator


Tel +44(0) 1202 574 601

Fax +44 (0)1202 578 300


Leith Sabawi, Sales CoordinatorTo request samples or to discuss marketing and sponsorship opportunities, please contact:

Leith Sabawi, Sales Coordinator


Tel +44(0) 1202 583 693

Fax +44 (0)1202 578 300


Phil James, Technical DirectorTo make a technical enquiry or to ask about a new design or prototype, please contact:

Phil James, Technical Director


Tel +44(0) 1202 583 698


Martin Cowell, Sales DirectorTo discuss strategic opportunities requiring special pricing or terms and conditions, please contact:

Martin Cowell, Sales Director


Tel +44(0) 1202 583 691


Linda Isaacs, Financial ControllerFor financial matters, please contact:

Linda Isaacs, Financial Controller


Tel, +44(0) 1202 583 692


Commercial ManagerTo offer your products and services to bigHead, please contact:


Tel, +44(0) 1202 583 694


Vinny Bacon, Production ManagerTo ask about quality data, submit supplier questionnaires, review regulatory compliance and ISO, please contact:

Vinny Bacon, Production Manager

Tel, +44 (0) 1202 583 695


Matthew Stevens, Managing DirectorTo discuss strategic partnerships and opportunities, please contact:

Matthew Stevens, Managing Director


Tel, +44(0) 1202 583 690


We are located on England’s south coast, within 2 hours of London. Customers are welcome to visit bigHead by appointment.


bigHead Bonding Fasteners Ltd

Units 15/16 Elliott Road,

West Howe Industrial Estate


BH11 8LZ

United Kingdom


Registered in England No. 722335


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