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Strong, Simple and Secure fasteners for Composites

bigHead fasteners were invented in 1966 to solve a fastening problem that most traditional fasteners could not; How to achieve a strong and efficient fastening in a composite material. bigHead’s unique design solved the problem and over 40 years bigHead fasteners have become the preferred way to fasten to composites.


Designers and manufacturers continue to optimise their product’s performance and simplify final assembly by integrating bigHead fasteners. bigHead is happy to work with designers at the prototype and early design phases to ensure the best engineered solutions are achieved right through to product assembly.


bigHead fasteners can be integrated with composite tooling to allow the fastener to be embedded during the composite manufacturing process.  This removes the need for any secondary processes and provides a neat and secure result, as the video above shows.


bigHead can also save significant weight, material and space, avoiding the need to bulk up the composite to secure the fastener.  The unique bigHead design enables a high-load fastener to be combined with a relatively thin layer of material, which also saves on material curing time.


bigHeads are used with a wide range of composite processes; RTM, SMC, RIM, Hand lay-up and a wide range of composite materials; FRP, CFRP, Thermoplastics, Thermosets, GRC, etc.


Take a look at our case studies to see how some of our customers have used bigHeads with composites.