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bigHead appoints Technical Director

bigHead is pleased to announce the appointment of Phil James as Technical Director. Since joining bigHead in 2004 Phil has managed customer specific fastening solutions for bigHead customers.


Customer specific solutions are a vital part of bigHead’s service, making up for more than half bigHead’s sales. They require an in-depth technical knowledge combined with a commercial awareness and customer focus. “Phil has impressed customers, suppliers and colleagues alike with his expertise. His promotion to the board, and the creation of this new position, underlines bigHead’s commitment to bring the best technical solutions to its customers.”


bigHead’s MD, Matthew Stevens, goes on to explain; “Since 1966 we have made over 5,000 unique bigHead fasteners for customer applications. Making bigHeads locally in our UK factory means we are able to work closely with customers and respond quickly to their design needs. The creation of this new position and Phil’s appointment underlines the value we place on the technical service we offer customers”.


February 2010

Phil James, Technical Director

Phil James, Technical Director

bigHead Fasteners for Carbon Fibre panels

For several years the carbon fibre diffusers on Aston Martins have been attached with bigHead fasteners and bigBond adhesive. Discrete and very strong, the bigHead fasteners provide a unique solution.


Surface mounted on the inside of the diffuser the bigHeads are completely invisible, with no rivets or drill holes necessary. Due to the unique design of the perforated “Head”, the glue flows through the holes and hooks the fastener into position, achieving high stability and strength.


Of critical importance is the quality of the weld in the bigHead itself. If this is weak or inconsistent the fastener could break under stress. Every bigHead fastener is made at the bigHead factory in the UK and the weld integrity is tested in house on every production lot. Last year bigHead achieved the very low defect rates of 18ppm and with the recent introduction of lean manufacturing techniques this is expected to come down further. bigHead is a BMW approved supplier to Rolls Royce.


bigHeads come in 400 standard types with many head shapes and sizes to suit a wide variety of applications. They are also available with female fittings. Invented in 1966, more than 5000 customer specific bigHeads have also been designed and are in use in thousands of applications. To find out more phone +44 (0) 1202 574 601.


December 2009

bigHead notches up its 5,000th custom design

In September 2009 bigHead designed its 5000th customer fastener for a client’s specific application.


“Since 1966 bigHead, when bigHead was founded on an original design to meet a customer's need, we have been committed to innovation. Driven by a long-serving team working closely with customers, we can now draw on an unrivalled reservoir of expertise and knowledge in both product design and production technology,” explains bigHead’s MD, Matthew Stevens.


“Reaching this milestone of 5,000 shows that our commitment to customers and UK manufacturing remains strong. Because bigHeads are designed and manufactured in the UK, and not sub-contracted to Asia, we have total control and can respond very quickly, often producing drawings and prototypes within days. We are also able to test and optimise our products’ design and performance to meet specific customer requirements. In addition the typical minimum order quantity for custom bigHeads is set very low at just 500 fasteners.”


bigHead has consistently worked with the most demanding engineers at world class companies such as Sunseeker Yachts and Bentley Cars, but it also works with numerous small and medium sized specialist manufacturers. Since 2007 bigHead has been an approved supplier to Rolls Royce/BMW.


October 2009

Custom design # 5000 – extendable Poppit

Custom design # 5000 – extendable Poppit

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