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bigHead exhibits at the Composites Engineering Show in Birmingham

At this year’s show bigHead will be highlighting integrated fastener solutions for composite manufacturing. 

Helping manufacturers avoid secondary processes, bigHead has worked with companies to integrate fasteners in the moulding process, saving process time and improving product design and quality.  A recent project with a customer using an SMC process significantly improved their product’s performance, eliminated a secondary manual process and reduced processing time from 5 minutes to 5 seconds. This was all achieved without any significant tooling costs or tooling changes.

Also available will be bigHead’s product solutions now specified for carbon fibre applications by leading automotive manufacturers such as Lamborghini and Porsche.

As a UK manufacturer with a long established reputation for quality, bigHead continues to innovate and develop new solutions.  We look forward to helping customers with their composite design and process challenges.  Please visit bigHead in Hall 5, at Stand F150.


October 2014

bigHead supports advanced lightweight engineering

bigHead has a long track record of supporting young engineers pushing the technical boundaries in their chosen profession. So far this year bigHead has supported a team in Canada developing a super-efficient car, and a UK team creating a solar-powered boat.


For the Concordia University SAE Super-mileage team competition in Canada bigHead was happy to provide free products to help the team realise their design and build of a carbon fibre vehicle, which they actually drove to victory:


As team member Alexandre Laroche commented about bigHead: "They provided no-questions-asked free samples on really short delay. Their bolts were a reliable solution that made the vehicle completely modular. Their products had the versatility and ease of use to give us peace of mind when fastening things to the almost purely carbon fiber body, which gave us more freedom to think outside the box, without compromising on structural integrity."


Meanwhile, on the water, engineers at the Solar Boat Club faced a number of technical challenges designing their boat for the Solar Cup competition.  One key challenge was how to securely mount the motor cage to the floor panel without drilling into and damaging the lightweight carbon fibre material.  The solution was to use 20 female bigHeads bonded to the floor with structural adhesive.  As Nick Roy, member of the team said:  “Bolting and unbolting the cage and floor is incredibly smooth and easy thanks to these fasteners. They were also very easy to put on as well. These fasteners have made things a lot simpler for us.”


In 2004 the first Solar Cup was organised as a boat competition for high school students, giving them an opportunity to learn and grow as engineers, and to help the development of alternative technologies such as solar-powered boats.  The Solar Boat Club act as technical inspectors and advisors for the Solar Cup and bigHead was very happy to offer support.


September 2014

bigHead exhibits at Innotrans 2014 in Berlin

bigHead will be exhibiting at the Innotrans Show in Germany, from September 23-26, as part of the Bossard Group.  Product and application examples will be available and rail applications can be discussed in detail.  Now a part of Bossard, bigHead will be pleased to introduce you to complimentary technologies and services available from the Bossard Group as well.  We look forward to seeing you in Berlin.


August 2014

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