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Quality without compromise

You know the difference between an original and a copy. You understand the attention to detail, the experience and the passion of an original. So does bigHead.


Since 1966 when the first bigHead was made to fulfil a customer’s need we have been committed to providing the highest standards of quality. We remain committed to continuous improvement and can now draw on a deep pool of experience, expertise and knowledge in both product design and production technology.


bigHead fasteners are known for their high strength and reliability. We have consistently invested in innovative production techniques to ensure consistent product performance.


Click on these links for the maximum Tensile Load values and maximum Torque values for bigHeads.


bigHead is ISO 9001 Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance certified. bigHead is a BMW approved supplier to Rolls Royce Motors.

Ken Shirley, Quality Manager, 20 years with bigHead

—Ken Shirley, Engineering, 22 years with bigHead