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The Unique bigHead Weld Process

Critical to the reliability of a bigHead fastener is the consistent high strength of the weld. Each weld is closely monitored and every production lot is tested to ensure all key parameters are met and the optimum weld is achieved.


A standard measure used to assess the control and consistency of our weld is the number of bigHeads per million that were shipped with a defective weld. The PPM rates are as follows:

2008 37ppm
2009 0.4ppm
2010 0.3ppm
2011 3.3ppm
2012 0.0ppm
2013 1.8ppm


To be certain that the strength and consistency of the bigHead weld is best in class we regularly test competitors' product. The following graph shows recent test results for a bigHead copy, and clearly demonstrates the superior strength of an original bigHead weld. You can also read the full test report.


Chart showing how bigHead outperforms competitors in tensile loading tests


Protection against corrosion

To ensure our bigHeads can be relied on over time we only use the highest quality steel from approved suppliers. bigHeads are made with either 316 Stainless Steel to withstand the toughest of environments or Mild Steel which is zinc plated and clear tri-passivated (ROHS and ELVD compliant) to provide corrosion protection.

Anne Jones, Production, 3 years with bigHead