If our core and extended ranges don’t meet your exact requirements, we can offer a multitude of ways for you to optimise your product solution. Contact us to find out more.

  • Fixing length

    Need different fixing lengths? 10mm to 100mm typically available.
  • Coating type

    Specific coating required? Tell us what you need; 2,000 hours to white rust, etc.
  • Plain Head

    Want to reduce adhesive usage? Ideal for thixotropic adhesives and increasing shear-load performance.
  • Bond-line control

    Specific bond-line thickness? Integrated features to control bond-line thickness.
  • Reverse weld

    Weld not strong enough? Ideal for through-hole applications or very high tensile loading.
  • Sighted or non-sighted

    Through-hole required?

Here are some examples of special designs:

  • Hybrid (F2 + M1)

    Hybrid (F2 + M1)

    This fastener has been designed to give a female fixing on one side and a male fixing on the other. It provides a complete, one-piece solution for integration in a composite structure.

  • Nacelle Fastener

    Nacelle Fastener

    Designed to improve access hatch safety and accessibility, the nacelle fastener is made from 316 stainless steel to ensure offshore corrosion protection. It is also over-moulded for lightning strike protection and can be colour-matched, providing total discretion.

  • Big ring

    Big ring

    The big ring was designed to give our customer multiple fixing points consistently and reliably, with just one bigHead – saving time and ensuring accurate final assembly.

  • 3 Tang Quit Pin

    3 Tang Quilt Pin

    This was designed to retain insulation blankets in a specific customer application. Our customer needed a head with “tangs” that can be bent into position after installation.

  • Limpets


    These bigHeads were fully encapsulated in polyurethane to our customer’s specification. The encapsulated bigHeads are ultrasonically welded into position during final assembly and are designed to enable secure, reliable fastening with a low profile.

  • Wheel arch trim fastener

    Wheel Arch Trim Fastener

    Our exterior wheel trim application for trucks was designed so that the bigHead can be fully embedded in the tier supplier’s moulded part. The embedded bigHead provides secure fixing in precise locations for efficient final assembly.

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    +44 (0)1202 574 601

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