Lean Bonding®

A fast, clean and reliable way to bond fasteners onto composites and metal substrates. Lean Bonding can be fully automated for high volumes or applied manually for low volumes. With a cycle time as quick as 10 seconds Lean Bonding can transform your production process.

See how Lean Bonding works:

The benefits

  • Lean; 1 component with a 1 step process
  • Fast; can bond in 10 secs,
  • Discrete; no witness on the “A surface”
  • Simple; single sided access
  • Practical; instant green strength
  • Adaptable; multiple coatings, sizes and adhesives available
  • Clean; no adhesive handling
  • Versatile; bonds on GRP, CFRP, Alu, Steel

The performance

  • 3.3 to 7.7 MPa typical tensile load
  • Coefficient of Variation (CoV) typically <5%
  • 240-1000+ hours resistance to red rust


The product



Head diameter: 24mm
Thread sizes: M5 or M6
Thread lengths: 16 or 20mm
Material: Carbon steel


The bigHead fastener component is available in a range of OEM approved coatings.


Polyurethane: Fast, strong, relatively low curing temperature
Epoxy: Very strong, e-coat compatible, higher curing temperature

The process: Automated, Semi-automated or Manual?

With our partner, Expert Tooling and Automation, we can offer a fully automated Lean Bonding process, from individual automation cells right up to complete factory system integrations. Alternatively, if your volume is small then we can offer a simple and efficient manual bonding system.

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+44 (0)1202 574 601

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