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  • The devil is in the smallest detail

    27 Apr 2021

    You may not consider fasteners as one of your primary design tools – but we’d like to argue that they are! They may seem small and inconsequential – until you need to think about joining materials together. Securing the components in your design whilst you try to satisfy multiple conditions probably causes quite a few headaches. Perhaps there’s a space…

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  • Joining in the world of lightweighting

    20 Apr 2021

    Light-weighting no longer means simply moving from steel to aluminium or magnesium. Today’s light-weighted products need structural materials that are lighter still. Wafer-thin sheets of metal, composite materials with glass or carbon fibre, and hybrid structures are the materials that designers increasingly work with. Joining these materials together in ways that meet the design specification can present challenges. Some materials…

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  • Global manufacturing needs global support. 

    13 Apr 2021

    At bigHead we find that global projects increasingly follow a familiar pattern; design and development in Europe where costs are high, transition to China for volume production. Such a global transition is complex, requiring not just the accurate transfer of knowledge and expertise but the management of different cultures and expectations. As part of the Bossard Group, bigHead is well placed to ensure that…

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