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  • bigHead® expands its innovation team

    22 Aug 2019

    bigHead® Bonding Fasteners continues its investment in innovation with the appointment of two more engineers.  Central to bigHead’s strategy is the long-term investment in engineering expertise and composites knowledge.  Having received an outstanding report earlier this year from Innovate UK for a KTP with Cranfield University, bigHead has now built a team dedicated to meeting their customer’s most challenging problems. …

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  • Perforated or Plain Head? A comparison of “wet” adhesive bonding with Perforated/ Plain bigHeads

    09 Oct 2018

    DOWNLOAD WHITEPAPER The Perforated Head design is synonymous with bigHead® fasteners. Whilst this makes a bigHead® easily recognisable, we can also provide bigHeads with Plain surface Heads to suit certain applications. When it comes to adhesive bonding of bigHeads with liquid and paste adhesives, there are long-standing questions about which is actually “better” – Perforated or Plain Head? Holes or…

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  • Adhesive bonding and anti-corrosion coatings

    21 Jun 2018

    DOWNLOAD WHITEPAPER   Applying anti corrosion coatings, plating or other treatments to bigHead fasteners means that one is no longer working with a steel substrate for the purposes of adhesive bonding. Whilst a selected adhesive may be excellent for bonding steel, it may not be so compatible with different coatings or treatments. Sometimes the coating or treatment itself can also…

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