We love talking about bigHeads. So we’re happy to answer any questions. But if it saves you time, you might like to check the list of things we get asked a lot.

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  • What’s the minimum number of bigHeads I can order?

    bigHeads typically come in packs of 100.

  • What are the lead times for bigHeads?

    If we have your part in stock, we can despatch get it to you in 2-3 days. If it’s not in stock, the lead time is typically 7-10 days from receipt of your order. Lead times for specialist and bespoke products are confirmed on an individual basis.

  • Can I order a bigHead that’s not in your extended range?

    Yes. Just contact us and we can build you a custom bigHead.

  • Who are your distributors?

    For customers outside the UK, please see our distributors listed by country.

  • Will you give me a discount if I buy a lot of bigHeads?

    Yes. We offer discounts on orders of six or more packs. And there are even better discounts if you order more than 11 packs. (Note, each pack contains 100 bigHeads).

  • Can I have some samples for prototyping?

    Yes. Please get in touch so we can learn more about your project and how we could help.

  • Does bigHead partner with other companies or organisations?

    Yes, at bigHead we understand that partnerships can provide clear benefits for customers. Feel free to contact us if you would like to explore a partnership opportunity.

  • Where can I meet the bigHead team?

    You are welcome to visit bigHead by appointment and we are always interested in visiting customers. We also regularly attend exhibitions and conferences.

  • Which Head design will best suit my application?

    This will depend on many variables, such your design constraints and loading requirements. We can guide you toward the right solution from our range of Heads or design something specific for your application.

  • Do you have a “standard” bigHead?

    No, but we do have a core range that suits many customer’s needs, and you can build on this using our extended range or our bespoke design service. We also develop special product solutions to suit specific applications.

  • I’m trying to work out which bigHead I need – can you help me?

    Of course! You might find The tecHub area useful, but if you’ve looked here and still not found what you need, please get in touch.

  • How strong is a bigHead fixing?

    We publish load-to-failure values here in The tecHub for our core range, however, the strength of a bigHead will depend on your specific application and joint design. If you can share this then we can usually ensure you achieve the required strength.

  • Can I get bigHeads with a thicker Head material than 1.2mm?

    We can tailor products to your requirements if necessary, but we have already optimised our standard products to offer optimum performance at minimal unit weight. If none of our standard solutions are suitable we would be happy to offer a bespoke solution to meet your needs.

  • What adhesive should I use to bond a bigHead?

    There is no one specific adhesive to use; the decision will depend on your application. We give some indicative information on adhesive bonding performance for our core range in The tecHub alongside articles specific to adhesive bonding which may aid your selection. We may also be able to support you with testing and evaluation of different adhesives.

  • When surface bonding a bigHead, what is the optimum adhesive film thickness required?

    As a typical guide, nominally 1mm, but this is very much driven by the adhesive used and we would always recommend you discuss this with your nominated adhesive supplier to ascertain the optimum gap required for your application.

  • I am unable to find a suitable product within the standard range; can you offer a bespoke solution to meet my needs?

    Yes. Please get in touch and share your requirements with us so we can work on an optimum solution for your application.

  • Can I get bigHeads in materials other than carbon and 316 stainless steel?

    bigHead’s welding technology does permit some flexibility within these material families. To offer another material we would need to understand your application and required volumes.

  • When utilising a bigHead within an injection moulding application, what is the best method to shut-off the thread from ingress of injected material into the mould tool?

    For male and female products, we recommend shutting-off on the “shoulder” of the fixing component (see The tecHub for a terminology guide) . bigHead products have been designed with this functionality in mind.

  • For ‘Moulded in’ applications, how can I accurately retain the bigHead within the mould tool pre-moulding, and permit quick release once the part has been moulded?

    bigHead is developing solutions for this application and we would be pleased to discuss your needs in more detail.

  • For surface-bonded applications, why use a plain Head bigHead solution rather than a perforated Head?

    This topic is covered in detail in The tecHub.

  • Does bigHead offer any non-metallic products?

    If you need non-metallic fastening solutions for your application please get in touch.

  • Can I purchase bigHeads with different coatings?

    Yes, we can supply bigHeads with different coatings to meet a range of application requirements and we would be pleased to discuss your needs in more detail. For information on ensuring compatibility between coatings and adhesives, take a look at our tecHub study.

  • Does bigHead offer Imperial sizes?

    Our typical product offering is based on metric sizing, with a limited number of application specific Imperial fixings in our range. We are open to discussing requirements for Imperial sized products.

  • Can you help me understand the terminology you use; Heads, fixings, etc?

    Yes, please see our guide to bigHead terminology.

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