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Composite processes

How to make the best use of your fasteners in the composite process

Design engineers are using composite materials for a growing range of applications. But finding the right fastening solution remains a challenge. Unless you use bigHeads. We offer two ways to design a joint in a composite process. Pick the one that works best for you. Read our white paper for more information.

Embed your fasteners in the composite

This approach is secure and discrete. The fastener is integrated within the composite mould tool and embedded in exactly the right place. There’s no need for secondary work. But the fastener must be designed to be embedded – like a bigHead. Otherwise, you risk design compromises and process inefficiencies. That can leave you with a weaker, heavier, thicker product. You can embed a fastener without any of these problems, if you use bigHeads.

Benefits of embedding a bigHead:

  • Up to 66% lighter than traditional bolts
  • Saves space, as you don’t need to anchor the bolt in extra composite
  • More precise fastening location directly from the mould tool
  • Quicker process with no secondary fastening installation
  • Higher tensile and torsional loads
  • Optimised design – using a fastener designed for the task
Embed fasteners

Surface-bond your fasteners on the composite

Some composite structures are just millimetres thick; that’s not enough to embed a fastener. But drilling would weaken the structure. The answer is to surface-bond the joint. It’s a strong, effective and discrete solution, if you use the right kind of fastener. bigHeads are compatible with just about every adhesive, and the glue can flow through their perforated heads, leading to a strong and reliable bond.

Benefits of surface-bonding a bigHead:

  • No holes in the composite material
  • Vibration proof. No working loose or rattling
  • Fully discrete, with no shadowing through to the “A surface”
  • Optimal tensile and torsional loading, controlled by your choice of Head design and adhesive
  • Simple to apply with no specialised tooling
  • Optimised design – using a fastener designed for the task
Surface bond


This is the place to access detailed technical data on bigHead performance. If you can’t see the information you need, just contact one of our tecHeads. They love talking about this stuff.

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