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Product overviews, basic guides and our certificates are ready to view and download.

We also have more detailed technical guides, test reports and studies and these can be accessed if you register or login. 

Product solutions information

bigHeads are available as Core range and Extended range

We can also make bespoke bigHeads if that is what your design requires. These documents give an overview of the key issues you need to consider in your fastening solution.

What is a bigHead?

Using the core range

Product lists

Technical guides

Core Range:

These documents give detailed step-by-step guidelines, helping you to decide the most suitable fastener and how best to design to accommodate and install fastenings.

All aspects are covered including:

  • Why you are considering that fastening method
  • Surface preparation
  • Material compatibility
  • Assembly loads
  • Application loads; tension, shear and rotational
  • Further mechanical performance details

Adhesive bonding:

These documents provide an overview to the adhesives and coatings that we use.

Test reports and studies

Quality certificates